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Big Data Management

  • Novel Data Model and Databases for Emerging Hardware
  • Advanced database and Web Applications
  • Data Provenance
  • Data Preservation
  • Data Protection, Integrity and Privacy Standards and Policies
  • Interfaces to Database Systems and Analytics Software Systems
  • Data management for Mobile and Pervasive Computing
  • Information Integration and Heterogeneous and Multi-structured Data Integration
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Data Management in the Social Web
  • Scientific Data Management
  • Spatiotemporal and Stream Data Management
  • Database Management Challenges: Architecture, Storage, User Interfaces
  • Workflow Optimization

Big Data Infrastructure

  • High Performance/Parallel Computing Platforms for Big Data
  • Cloud/Grid/Stream Computing for Big Data
  • Energy-efficient Computing for Big Data
  • Autonomic Computing and Cyber-infrastructure, System Architectures, Design and Deployment
  • Software Techniques and Architectures in Cloud/Grid/Stream Computing
  • Programming Models and Environments for Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing to Support Big Data
  • New Programming Models for Big Data beyond Hadoop/MapReduce, STORM
  • Big Data Open Platforms
  • Software Systems to Support Big Data Computing

Big Data Security & Privacy

  • Anomaly and APT Detection in Very Large Scale Systems
  • Intrusion Detection for Gigabit Networks
  • Visualizing Large Scale Security Data
  • High Performance Cryptography
  • Privacy Threats of Big Data
  • Threat Detection using Big Data Analytics
  • HCI Challenges for Big Data Security & Privacy
  • Privacy Preserving Big Data Collection/Analytics
  • Sociological Aspects of Big Data Privacy
  • User Studies for any of the above

Big Data Search and Mining

  • Web Search
  • Social Web Search and Mining
  • Distributed, and Peer-to-peer Search
  • Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search
  • Data Acquisition, Integration, Cleaning, and Best Practices
  • Big Data Search Architectures, Scalability and Efficiency
  • Computational Modeling and Data Integration
  • Visualization Analytics for Big Data
  • Cloud/Grid/Stream Data Mining- Big Velocity Data
  • Large-scale Recommendation Systems and Social Media Systems
  • Semantic-based Data Mining and Data Pre-processing
  • Link and Graph Mining
  • Multimedia and Multi-structured Data- Big Variety Data
  • Mobility and Big Data

Big Data Foundations

  • New Computational Models for Big Data
  • Novel Theoretical Models for Big Data
  • New Data Standards
  • Data and Information Quality for Big Data

Big Data Applications

  • Big Data Analytics in Small Business Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Complex Big Data Applications in Science, Engineering, Medicine, Healthcare, Finance, Business, Law, Education, Transportation, Retailing, Telecommunication
  • Real-life Case Studies of Value Creation through Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics in Government, Public Sector and Society in General
  • Big Data Industry Standards
  • Big Data as a Service
  • Experiences with Big Data Project Deployments

Big Data / Smart Cities

  • Big Data Applications such as Healthcare and Transportation
  • Big Data for Improving Resilient Infrastructures

Real-Time Big Data Analytics

  • Applications and Evaluation of Real-Time Big Data Systems
  • Techniques and Algorithms for Real-Time Big Data Analytics

Smart Computing Systems

  • Cyber-physical System Platforms for Smart Environments
  • Security, Privacy, and Economics in Smart Environments
  • Mobile and Ubiquitous Platforms for Smart Environments
  • Middleware Platforms for Smart Environments

Smart computing concepts, models and algorithms

  • Models of Smart Environments
  • Future Smart Computing Paradigms
  • Algorithms for Smart Computing

Smart Computing Applications

  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Precision Agriculture
  • Smart Food-Energy-Water Nexus
  • Smart FinTech
  • Smart Communities
  • Smart Health
  • Smart Energy Management and Analytics
  • Smart Human Environments, Entertainment, and Social Activities